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Rame Projects 06/20 - 07/20


1."Slowly and slowly the smell of dung dung dances on the hills (or resisting denial part 10tee)"


Surface - underside of a mattress being taken to the dump. Bamboo cane from next door neighbours garden. Fishing line found on beach.

Dye made from Oak moss lichen fallen on path in Hembury woods in Devon and my urine.

All pigments bound in Devon hemp oil and Cornish good egg.


Cuttle fish bone and mussel shell washed up on beach.

Green hornblende schist scrapped from beach rocks, Devon. Mine tailings, Dartmoor.

Verdigris made from Stripped copper cable, Suffolk vinegar and cornish sea salt.

Charcoal from local wood.

Red rock found at fault at Prawle Point, Devon.

Various earth pigments, Cornwall.

2."Rock eater soil maker of the Middle Hills of Dumnonia" (via the Rai people)


Bracket mushroom, Dartmoor. (almost fallen)

Stripped copper cable and rabbit poo (earrings),

Ground red rock found at a fault at Prawle point and Devon hemp oil,

String from washed up crab pot buoy.

Wood taken from wedge to fell a tree discarded in logging forest, Devon.

Pine Pitch glue made from - foraged pine sap from Cornwall and Devon, ground charcoal from local wood and ground rabbit poo

3. "Pii-kara scoby do do do ponpukarin/or - hit bell, kneel, pray, cry, mourn, celebrate (a song we sing of you)"

Dried Kombucha Scoby

Devon hemp oil and Cornish good egg.

Washed up on beach mussel shells.

Slate from Rame Peninsula, Cornwall

Greenhornblende Schist scrapped from South Devon rocks. Red rock found at Hams Cove, South Devon.

4."giving/releasing ceremony ghost intern"

Cuttlefish bone (tongue) from Devon beach.

Hedgehog spines taken from roadkill, Rame, Cornwall.

Pine pitch glue made from foraged pine sap ground charcoal and rabbit poo.

Ground charcoal, local good Cornish egg and Devon hemp oil. (Direct on studio wall)

5."Experiential unlearning through socialising with mud, cosmologies and teaching waba to the gut bacteria that we share our bodies with"


Canvas and wooden slats from unwanted canvas wardrobe. Stripped copper cable and washed up fishing line.

Sized with Berkshire flour wheatpaste.

Devon hemp oil. Cold pressed flax oil.

Cuttlefish bone

Kaolin (white China clay) mid devon.

Washed up Mussel shell.

Charcoal from remnants of fires, Dartmoor.

Red rock founds at Hams Cove, Devon.

Greenhornblende Schist scrapped from rocks, South Devon. Verdigris from Stripped copper cable, Suffolk vinegar and Cornish sea salt.

Mine Tailings, Dartmoor.

Slate from Rame Peninsula

Metal from shipwreck. Prawle Point, Devon.

6. "porthole to underworld of blind cave prawn"


Crab pot buoy washed up on rocks,

Ground charcoal from local wood Cornish good egg and Devon hemp oil

7. "egg handstand man (or fo-fo-dongonabi) "


Rope and buoys from crab pot washed up on rocks Prawle Point, Devon.

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