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Limited edition print of "We have no words to speak to mountain pala, we have no words to speak to them, fire-pala speak with smoke-pala, i just eat smoke on this bench (sung like ditty-pala)"

Printed on canvas

61cm X 108cm 


Sliding scale between £55 to £125. Postage included (but if u outside brexit get in touch and we can work out postage off this sad land)


100 editions.

Printed by 23ink


"We are all coral. All lichen. Waba here on earth. Don't wear trousers to keep your knees separate. Pompakleen. Word up, (2020) | £30 (+p&p)

A limited edition, Giclée print of an original painting, in an edition of 100 unframed copies. Printed with archival ink on 290gsm Hahnemühle Bamboo fibre paper. Paper size 288 x 335mm.


This edition was made as an affordable artwork to accompany Huhtamaki Wab’s exhibition Why do you follow my son around? Because I like mites - Edible and Non-Edible Persons of Waba and Pompakleen

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