Huhtamaki Wab works between painting, performance and video, installation and sculpture alongside his role as director of the Genius Treasure Collection.


Wab’s practice exists within an animistic and non-anthropocentric world. Interconnected spirits and humans populate landscapes that create ecstatic realities.  Complex entanglements between both persons and landscapes create a rich ecology of non-hierarchical relations.   Heavily informed by the animistic culture from his birthplace of Japan, depictions of yokai in ukiyo-e prints as well as contemporary representations of this heritage, for example, in cultures such as manga, can be seen in his work. 

A move to rural Devon has revitalised his acute connection to the landscape. Engaging physically through walking the moors, swimming in rivers as well as making rituals and offerings within these spaces both entangle and inform Wab's life, well-being and art making.  Hearing voices and living with delusion as a teenager, later experiencing periods of addiction, the worlds he creates are integral to his on-going recovery, providing a space for being with and solace. 

Wab has a keen interest in art made outside of the institution, collecting artworks from markets and car boots mostly by unknown makers. Known as the Genius Treasure Collection, it was displayed in London as a public museum in his bedroom between 2018 and 2019. Wab’s humorous navigation in how he situates himself and his practice in relation to the institutional art world is exemplified through his choice of name, Huhtamaki, an alias taken from a disposable cup from the Tate.


Born in Tokyo, 1984, Graduated Chelsea College of Arts, 2008. Lives and works in Devon, UK 

Huhtamaki Wab 


2022 - South West Showcase, PCA Gallery, Plymouth UK, SOLO


2021 - Neck of The Wood, (group show), Switzerland

2021 - Estival at Weven Shop. (group show), Stroud, UK June 19th - 3rd July

2021 - Glasgow International  -  Don't let the Bastards Grind you Down, Liv Fontaine, Paul Kindersley and Huhtamaki Wab,                   Skypark, Glasgow, June 11th - 27th

2020/21 "Why do you follow my son around?"

              "Because I like mites"

               - Edible and Non-edible persons of waba and pompakleen.   Exeter Phoenix, UK, SOLO (closes 27th June)

2021 - Residue of Ghosts and Offerings, UK

2021 -  For the many , not the few, Guts Gallery, Online group show

2020 - Goose Summer. Online Group Show

2020 - Rame Projects Residency, Cornwall, UK

2020 - Glasgow International, Don't Let the Bastards Grind you Down. UK (POSTPONED)                         

2020 - Moving Forward, Ariel Centre, Devon, UK                          

2020- Encounter with the Monolith /Vorspiel, Backsteinboot Gallery, Berlin, Germany 

2019 - Got it for Cheap/Velvet Ropes, House of Vans, London, UK                                                                              

2019 - Barbara Wesolowska and Huhtamaki Wab. Unit 21, Penarth Centre. London, UK

2019 - Blackwing Studio, London, UK 

2018  - 50A.D “Efrin Everywhere” Vevey, Switzerland                                                 

2018 - Create Pembrokeshire Residency, Wales, UK  

2018 - Church Painting Show Part 1, London, UK 


2021 - La Tranchee Racine, France ( UPCOMING)

2021 - Mobile Soils, Published by Teti, Switzerland

2021 - Underpinned by the Movement of Freighter, UK


2020 - Art Work Exeter Film Commission - Edible Person

2019 - Cabbage, CCA Glasgow, UK                                                                    

2018 - Safa, London, UK

2018 - Cabbage - Junk Space, Glasgow, UK                                         

2017 - Mount Florida Screenings, Glasgow, UK 

Genius Treasure Collection 

2020 - Plymouth Art Weekender, UK

2018 - 2019, Genius Treasure Museum, London, UK 

2018 - GTC Paintings, Lara Project Space, London, UK

2017 - Selected works from collection - Lima Zulu, London, UK